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City of Bakersfield Receives Industry Accolades

Kern Solar Group BakersfieldCity of Bakersfield Receives Industry Accolades

Bakersfield, California was praised by two industry groups — The Solar Energy Industries Association and the California Solar Energy Industries Association — for its investment in solar power. More than $120 million was invested into solar energy in 2015. More than $400 million has been invested in solar power investments made in Bakersfield since 2010. The Bakersfield solar energy demand is high and is increasing all the time.

There is now enough solar power in the state of California to fuel 2,891,000 homes.

Groups Push Extension Of Federal Tax Credits

The industry groups praised the city during a session of Congress during which they pushed for an extension of the federal solar investment tax credit. The program provides a 30 percent credit for solar systems installed buildings both residential and commercial. If you are considering getting solar panels in your Bakersfield home, the time to do it is now!

Bakersfield, SEIA President Rhone Resch said that they understand that solar power is vital to the continued growth of the city, state and nation. The tax credits, Resch added, are instrumental in making sure investment in clean energy continues.

Without the tax credit, more than 100,000 jobs could disappear, 34,000 of those jobs are located in California. More than 2,200 solar companies operate in the state of California.

Bakersfield is well known for the production of oil and natural gas but has twice as many solar systems than San Francisco. This fact, said CALSEIA Executive Director Bernadette Del Chiaro, shows that solar power is popular with all political ideologies. As the numbers prove, solar panels in Bakersfield are on the rise and are a continuing trend.


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