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Largest Solar Plants in the World

Kern Solar Group MojaveLargest Solar Plants in the World

The Mojave Solar Project near Edwards Air Force Base in California is the second-largest of its kind, officials say. The parabolic trough plant is second only to one located in Arizona. Both are operated by Abengoa, a bioenergy company based in Seville, Spain.

In addition to solar energy, Abengoa also focuses on desalination — the process by which salt is removed from water — and biofuel. Abengoa’s website states the company has more than 70 years experience in the renewable energy market. For residents of Bakersfield who are looking to invest in Solar Panels, this is welcome news.

Plant features thousands of mirrors, creates more than 1,000 jobs

The Mojave Solar Project is located on about two miles of fallow farmland and features 2,200 mirrors. Those mirrors focus sunlight on a tube filled with fluid. That fluid then creates steam to generate enough power — 280 megawatts — to operate about 90,000 area homes.

Temperatures inside the tube reach more than 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

The plant began operation in January 2015, boasting an estimated 1,200 jobs in construction and about 80 full-time operational positions. The Mojave Solar Project also save an estimated 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year. There are so many opportunities which have been generated for residents of Bakersfield in Solar energy as a direct result of this.

The plant cost $1.6 billion and has signed an agreement to sell power to Pacific Gas and Electric Co. The U.S. Department of Energy assisted in financing the project through a loan guarantee to the tune of $1.2 billion.

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