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Bakersfield Supports Extension of ITC

Kern Solar GroupA resolution was passed to support the extension of the ITC for solar energy. Congress are being pressed to take rapid action in order to safeguard jobs in the solar industry in Bakersfield and also to protect people’s savings. As the primary city in the County to request the backing of congress; Bakersfield have clearly set-out they want their support with this initiative, clearly demonstrating the significance of solar energy in Bakersfield.

The Investment Tax Credit is fundamental in the reduction of energy bills and also for the support of region job opportunities. It is a 30% credit for both domestic and commercial solar systems. There are more than 60,000 Californians who work in this sector. In Bakersfield, it was passed 5-1 that this resolution gets extended in order to keep the Bakersfield Solar economy moving in a positive direction.


Originally, it was proposed in 2015 after there was strong support shown by the general public to get the solar tax credit prolonged. The resolution itself proves just how important the solar industry is to Bakersfield, not just for the job opportunities, but also for the economic development. The policies that this resolution backs, such as the ITC, have enabled cost reductions for people looking to buy solar, along with the significant expansion of local markets.

If the ITC was to disappear, jobs in the solar industry in Bakersfield would also be lost, along with a sharp rise in the cost of solar energy. With such a strong backing from Bakersfield council members, the consensus is that this resolution is a much needed, and worthy candidate for congresses considerations.
The legislation was passed in Congress to extend the ITC which was very welcome news. Thus, ensuring the continued growth of the solar industry in the US. The City of Bakersfield was praised by many, including the SEIA for its leadership and initiative it this resolution.

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