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Bakersfield Winners of Solar Suitcase Challenge

Kern Solar GroupOur very own North High School in Bakersfield was one out of just three groups to win the solar suitcase challenge. What these bright sparks have managed to do is astounding; aside from this, they have created these “solar suitcases” in order to help people in various villages in Kenya.

What is a solar suitcase?

Essentially, they have built a solar generator that fits neatly into a suitcase. These suitcases have been designed specifically so that they can provide power to those villages which are completely off the grid, in order to help other children, just like themselves for things like studying in the evenings or mornings when it is dark.
These young prodigies will set off on a once in a lifetime trip for ten days. They will also get to experience some of the local cultural activities such as warrior training and bead making, along with visiting local schools, helping them to fetch water and more whilst in Kenya.

Students from across the nation were tasked with designing a sustainability project, then creating a short video explainer to tell people about what they had done and why.

A Berkeley-based solar company called “We Care Solar” then built these solar suitcases at the cost of around $1000 each. These cases are already being used in around thirty different developing countries globally. All of the solar panels and batteries used for these kits were then purchased in Kenya, in order to support the local economy.
Not only is the solar industry booming in Bakersfield, but it also appears that the younger generation in Bakersfield is putting to use solar technologies and know-how, and combining that with their creativeness to help those who are worse off, in developing countries abroad.

Something that anyone who works in the solar industry in Bakersfield should be very proud of.

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