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Meet the New Solar Technology That’s Slashing the Cost of Fuel

Kern Solar GroupAt the end of Earth Day that was celebrated recently, two major players namely Horizon Nut and SunVapor announced they were collaborating on a new project that is going to cut the cost of fuel across the county.

This super-cool technology is a fierce competitor for natural gases and could help get us some way further in the county’s quest to reduce the use of natural energy and replace that with a pleasantly priced renewable energy option.

What are the benefits?

Consumption across California of natural fuels is a big issue. One astonishingly stark comparison is this; in the food processing sector only, the equivalent of burning three hundred MILLION gallons of gasoline per year is what get used right now.

For a long time now, a cost-effective solution has been needed that will help to cut the use of fossil fuels and provide a renewable energy source that is flexible and affordable. Until now, there has not really been anything exciting like this that has been noteworthy enough to make an impact on this.

The benefits of this project will mean that the production will increase, emissions will be capped, and more jobs will be brought to a region that is currently struggling with unemployment.

Sunvapor has built themselves a stellar reputation for technology development within the solar field that specifically relates to the food processing industry.

This collaboration creates a huge opportunity for Solar Steam Processing in the state and as well as the obvious boost of jobs in the region this will create; it will also help to tackle air quality improvement as well.

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