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Motivation for More Solar Power Projects in LA Hits Home

The UCLA have just issued their latest findings and scores with the release of their Sustainable Environment Report Card for Los Angeles. Despite air quality being at a 40-year high, the county still scored only a C grading, leaving a lot more work still to be done and more opportunities for solar projects in the region.

What is the report about?

This report is like no other in its field and is the only detailed environmental report that delves into more than 20 indicators over five different sectors which include: Renewable Energy Resources, Transportation, Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Stationary Energy Use and Human Health Impacts.

The main purpose of the report is to show an overall picture of the current climate within the region, and then to compare the progress in-line with both local and state energy, air quality and greenhouse gas targets.
Will it Make a Difference to Solar Power in Kern County?

For a place such as Los Angeles, and this, of course, includes Kern County as part of that, it is vital to improving upon this C rating.

Specifically, for the Renewable Energy section of the report, it scored as a B, which is promising. Although our local resources of renewable energy have increased, as a region, we still use far too much coal. It also cites that solar generation for utility-scale projects also increased by more than One Million Mega Watt House from 2012-2015.
With the issue of this report, there will be a reaction to ensure that the next report show further increases on the action points which were highlighted and more solar related projects will be rolled out in order to try to reduce the amount of fuel being used and also to help combat the rising issue of human health impacts.
Although the Cinco Solar Power facility that is operated by LA Department of Water and Power produces 60 Mega Watts of Power, there is, even more of a reason to increase the use of Solar Power across the region.
For a full look at the report, you can reach it via this link: http://escholarship.org/uc/item/6xj45381

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