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Glass Point Solar – Made here in Kern County

Located around one hour away from Bakersfield, and founded almost a decade ago in 2009; Glass Point Solar have revitalised this area which has been subject to a steep financial decline. This area has been producing oil for more than a century, so the job losses that have been experienced within the oil sector really hit home hard.

Glass Point Solar commenced a project that started around 2011 that is trying to extract crude oil directly from the ground. As one of the quickest growing solar businesses globally, it hails its success as being in part due to its location here in Kern County. According to Tunde Deru who is a native Nigerian responsible for leading the latest project at Glass Point Solar; due to the achievements and success the business has had in Kern County, it has allowed them to replicate these successes overseas already.

Sun and Steam

The success has been centred around the sun, and as most in Kern County know, there is certainly an abundance of this here. What actually happens is that engineers will utilise the power of the sun, controlling it through a bespoke weather station. Strategically placed solar mirrors will then capture all of the energy that is required in order to boiled water from the oil fields that is recycled, which is subsequently turned into steam.

The entire process of using the sun to turn water into steam has completed eradicated the need to use natural gas to extract oil. Not only is this so much better for the environment, but it is also massively more cost effective to do as well.

Crude oil here in Kern County is considered to be heavy, and it takes a lot of energy to extract that oil from the ground. By using the Sun and Steam approach, there are zero emissions, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

In order to reduce their productions costs, many companies are now choosing to use the Glass Point Solar facilities in Kern County. They really have a very impressive business model, and what’s even more majestic about this project is that it reduces the carbon footprint AND saves money at the same time.
A win-win situation.

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