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At Kern Solar Group we take great pride in having an exceptional staff to handle all the many little details of a solar installation. From engineers to specialists in permitting, finance, and installation, our team will take care of you and your new solar system every step of the way.

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The goal of a consultation with our company is to educate the customer and provide them with a working idea of what the industry and installation process are really all about.

Our Kern-based business is home to a team of highly trained consultants that are here to help home and business owners make the right energy decisions for their houses and companies with the best prices on solar. Our consultation team is designed to give you the big picture- a full idea of all your options in solar systems, unlike so many consulting teams who are just looking to sell the customer the most expensive product they possibly can. Consultation is, without a doubt, one of the most important experiences the customer will engage in because it is what helps set the stage for the rest of the process. During this time, many features of the customer’s solar energy plan will be determined, including:

  • Equipment type.
  • Financing options.
  • Method of installation.
  • System size and design.
  • Lease and purchase options.


Among the thousands of companies like ours on the market today, the customer will, on average, find very few actual solar financing or solar lease options. This is a concerted effort by companies meant to make running their businesses easier. Our company, however, offers over a dozen different solar financing options, all meant to take care of every customer’s unique financial situation and provide the best prices on solar installation. Short and long term solar lease financing options are available, as well as all levels of interest rates depending on customer qualifications. Our financial team is here to take care of financing for all customers, no matter what their situation may be, and that is just one of the many facets that makes our company a leader in residential solar.


Engineering is at the heart of our Bay solar panels business, as it is the part of the installation process where we actually begin. This business is home to the latest and greatest design tools and equipment, and thus the engineering team is able to create sophisticated and unique solutions to meet every building or home’s specifications. Our custom-tailored solutions, as opposed to the typical cookie-cutter solutions offered by other companies, are what customers truly need from solar engineering. Additionally, as the industry continues to morph and advance, our company continues to change with it. The customer will never be left behind as Bay solar panels and installation methods move forward. Our company makes sure to stay ahead of the game like a leader in residential solar ought to, while still offering the best prices possible on solar equipment and installation.


Our company has a positive relationship with all jurisdictions including but not limited to solar installation Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, San Diego, Valencia Santa Clarita and Sherman Oaks. Installation processes are highly dependent on proper permitting and our company has the best connections for permits in the business. Installations are never started without all proper permitting in place hence the customer can have complete peace of mind when scheduling work to be done with our company.


Our company has very proudly been announced as a best installation company. A major part of this is our highly trained professional installers who begin installation with a site assessment and end the process with a full inspection. Our company takes great care in every project it undertakes and offers a high quality install every project. Furthermore, the installation timeline is highly monitored by the management team in order to get work done as quickly and efficiently as possible. An expert crew is on the customer’s side to provide high attention to detail to every project. A good installation lasts decades – up to twenty-five years – and our company works hard to keep installations working for that period of time with state-of-the-art design processes and methods. Of course should anything ever go wrong, it is important to note that all installations are covered by our company’s best-in-class warranty so the customer can rest easy and have peace of mind that their solar systems installation will run smoothly for as long as it needs to.


The final and often most important part of any installation is interconnection where our first-class crew goes through the process of system commissioning to get the panels and inverters properly connected to the utility company. This is where the customer finally begins their massive savings on electricity, all thanks to working through the process of going green with our team. Generating your own power pays for itself in no time!


Bay-Solar Group was started by engineers wanting to provide customers with the latest technology, engineering design, installation and support for the lowest possible price.

We want you to have the most modern, well-engineered, longest lasting, no-hassle system with the fastest return on your investment available today.

Bay-Solar Group is one of the fastest growing solar companies in the country, but we pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment, design, installation and service. We have highly-trained specialized staff that are the best at each step of the solar design and installation process. We have leading engineers including our founder who is a builder and electrical engineer. Our installers have years of schooling and experience prior to ever stepping on a roof. We have one of the best finishing teams in the industry who can make your solar unit and electrical equipment look amazing, while our customer concierge team has you comfortable every step of the way.

Contact Bay-Solar Group today and get to know what makes us the best at what we do.