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From the initial consultation to the finalization of your solar installation, Kern Solar Group offers homeowners a simplified solution to solar. Our experienced team of engineers has helped save our customers thousands of dollars through energy savings. With our thorough energy-efficiency research, professional solar installations, and simplistic solar designs, Kern Solar Group is the premier solar company in Bakersfield. With us, you will always get an in-depth consultation and have all of your questions answered by one of our engineers.


Kern Solar Group consists of experienced engineers and construction professionals. In addition to serving residential properties, Kern Solar Group also offers complete installation and solar consultation services to the Commercial side. We have extensive knowledge with working on large commercial projects since 2010. Large commercial projects tend to require much more in-depth knowledge and skills that a lot of solar companies don’t process, so this is something to keep in mind for your next project.

When it comes to solar, commercial properties have a much higher electrical demand than residential properties, thus having a much more complex bill structure. With every commercial project, we will include our in-depth analysis and energy bill evaluation to get you the best results. Armed with this information, Kern Solar Group will be able to recommend the most beneficial practices to maximize your savings.

The main electrical breaker panel in every home is different and plays a major role in your system installation. The role of the electrical breaker panel is to supply and distribute the electricity that is given off by the solar system, by sending it into the circuit’s breakers to power the home.

Depending on the square footage of the home and the year it was built, the electric panel will be either a 100 or 200 amp system. Most homes that are greater than 2500 sq ft in size will most likely come with 200 amps, while home smaller than 2500 sq ft will have only 100 amp panels.

Based on the amperage output in your homes breaker panels, we may have to upgrade or replace your system in order to handle the energy output from the solar installation. By reviewing the bus bar rating and looking at where the energy is fed into the panel, this will determine wheter or not a system upgrade is necessary. If this is the case, our experts at Kern Solar Group will make the proper changes. For homes that have centrally located breakers, the system may need to be downsized to 150 amps to meet the amp requirements to optimize your solar installation.

Here’s what’s included in your Main electrical panel upgrade:

The Main Electrical Breaker Panel & Components

Any Necessary Repairs to the Stucco and Wall

All Labor and Material Costs

Separate city permit

Additional city inspection

With solar, your roofing plays an important factor in the process of solar installation. The condition of your roof and the materials it is made from can be determining factors on whether or not you will need to have it replaced. Our expert engineers at Kern Solar Group will inspect your roof and will let you know if anything is needed.


If your roof needs to be replaced, our expert team will identify only sections that need some attention. This usually involves replacing the tiles so that we can keep the integrity of the roof design. Our job is to make sure that the solar panels that we install maintain the polished look of your home while being secured properly. During this process, we make sure that all of the materials used to work on your roof are of the highest quality.


When it comes to investing in solar, Kern Solar Group makes every effort to make sure we explain every detail to our clients and provide them with piece of mind. With our Solar Asset Protection Guarantee, you have the confidence of knowing that you are completely covered from the moment you sign with us.




Warranty – Kern Solar 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee

Kern Solar Group provides one of the most extensive warranties in the solar industry. By using the highest quality equipment and materials, our products have the highest life span down to every detail. Our warranty offers protection for your equipment and our work. We guarantee a quick install or we will pay your electric bills!* Plain and simple.

Our mission is to give the residents of Bakersfield the best value for the price. With our warranty programs, quick installation and expert services, you will start seeing a return on your investment immediately.

Our 20-year warranties combined with the manufacturer’s warranty will give you the ultimate protection on your investment. It’s no wonder why Kern Solar Group is an industry leader in protecting our customers.

When it comes to solar installations there are specific details that Kern Solar Group adheres to in order to ensure the quality of our work. This means that our design and equipment have to be meticulously checked thus giving us close to a zero percent leak and equipment failure ratio thus reducing roof penetrations.

Lastly, all of our system design work is done with the intention of making it easy for anyone to be able to upgrade or repair your solar system.

By providing top notch design coupled with state of the art equipment and industry leading warranties, Kern Solar group is Kern County’s top solar provider. We proudly serve the Bakersfield, Kern County, Ridgecrest, Lamont, Visalia, Mojave, and Delano areas.