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Kern Solar Group is a sister company to LA Solar Group, a Los Angeles based leading solar provider that invests in the industry’s best and brightest engineers, installers, and consultants. Kern Solar Group remains true to the notion of high quality in production and service delivery. Just like the team of LA Solar Group, our team is skilled in every aspect of solar technology, from design to installation to permitting. We can handle every step of the solar process, making your solar journey as simple as possible. It is our mission to create and design a solar energy solution that works for your unique situation. At Kern Solar Group, we understand that everyone has different budgetary constraints and consumption needs. That’s why we work to create a custom solution for every situation.

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Solar panel systems are a smart investment founded in sustainability. Solar energy offers a multitude of benefits for users, most notably financial and environmental benefits. By choosing solar energy, you can break away from the electrical grid and fulfill your energy needs with clean and renewable energy. Using solar energy means you will only need to pull energy from the grid in the evening when there is no solar light to generate energy. However, there are ways to completely avoid pulling energy from the grid through battery storage solutions. With battery storage, you can store solar energy for later use. This can make your monthly electric bill essentially nonexistent. Another highly beneficial aspect of solar energy is the environmental benefits. By choosing solar energy, you can break away from the electrical grid and fulfill your energy needs with clean and renewable energy. This will significantly lessen the amount of fossil fuels deployed into the atmosphere. This will be very advantageous in protecting our environment in the years that come. By using solar energy for your energy consumption, you are drastically reducing your carbon footprint. You might be wondering how solar panels can power your home or business simply by using the sunlight. Solar panels generate energy because they are made up of photovoltaic (PV) cells. These cells work to harness energy from the sun, which is absorbed through the panels as direct current (DC). It is important to note that DC energy is not the form of energy used to power your home. In order to power your home, you must first convert DC energy into alternating current (AC). To do this, you will need to use power optimizers or microinverters. This is something your solar installers will handle during the solar panel installation process.

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Tesla Powerwall battery storage solutions are an innovative way to consume solar power all day and night. Under normal circumstances, your solar panel system will not generate power in the evening when there is no sun. This means that when the sun goes down, you will need to pull energy from the electrical grid. This can be an undesirable cost-additive, especially when factoring in time-of-use rates. Powerwall offers a unique and helpful solution to this issue. With Tesla Powerwall, you can have a stored backup of energy for the evening or in case of power outages. Powerwall means you can live virtually grid-independent, as you won’t need to pull energy from the grid unless your energy consumption outstrips your energy generation. Powerwall also comes with an easy to use app and three operating modes with differing functions to maximize energy efficiency. Users can choose operating modes based on their unique energy consumption needs. The three operating modes are Self-Powered, Time-Based Control, and Backup-Only. Self-Powered mode is used to increase and further grid independence as it will work to use solar energy before pulling from the grid. Self-Powered mode contributes to the environmental benefits of solar usage since it will prioritize clean and renewable energy over energy derived from fossil fuels. This will lessen the stress on the grid and the need to use harmful pollutants. Self-Powered mode will also drastically reduce your electric bill as it works to keep you away from the grid. Time-Based Control mode works to offset energy during peak time-of-use rates when utility prices are at their highest. Time-of-use rates are utility fees that increase during peak usage hours, like in the evening as the sun goes down. Time-Based Control stores energy and deploys it during these peak usage times to prevent you from pulling energy from the grid and paying higher rates. You can also actively discharge energy during these peak hours, adding stored energy to the grid and increasing your net metering credits. Backup-Only mode is another format in the Powerwall system. In this mode, you store 100% of your energy for later use. Should you use your stored energy, Powerwall will recharge the following day when the sun reappears. Backup-Only mode works best for people who want to ensure their appliances never stop functioning, even in a blackout.

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